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    networking question
    Hi everyone

    Have been searching the net for a while to find the answer to what may be a very long question hoping you may be able to help

    I would like to get the following set up but no sure what i need.

    Thinking of getting a mini mac so that i can link this to my plasma and denon reciever. Using this as a media hub.

    I have a Windows lap top and a mac book latest version.

    I would like to have a set up were by I have a centeral external hardrive were all my music dvd video etc is stored.

    Each computer if down loading would down load to that hard drive thus no information would be stored on the computer.

    Can any one help me with what the best set up is and what equipment i would need.

    I am a newbie at this so any help would be appreciated



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    You could have a networked external hard drive, like a Drobo or Lacie ethernet disk, and store your media there.

    If you go for the Drobo option you'd also need one of these to make it networked.

    If you want to use Frontrow on the mini to access your media, you can always have it's iTunes library set to store on the networked drive.

    There are also options like the HP Mediasmart Server. I'm not too sure on the practicalities of this though.

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