Hi there,

I just bought TC, to replace my old little airport express. I use ethernet PPPoE connection. When i started using the express long ago I had to change my MTU settings to get my internet going, i used a program called Cocktail to change the MTU to what my ISP provider advised me to and worked perfect. All wireless devices connected fine. Now with the TC i thought i'd do the same and all will be Ok. But sadly not.

I've set up the TC correctly and changed the default MTU setting to the ISP recommended (1392) one and works, loads all webpages. But I've had to change (which didn't have to do with the express) all my computers MTU settings. But now my ipod touch connects but cant load mail or web but can only skype. And if I'm not mistaken you can't changed the MTU on it. The other problem is if i have anyone visiting me and wishes to use my internet on their computer they also have to manually change there MTU setting, (which with the express they didn't)

Did my express save my new MTU setting and the TC didn't? Is there a way to fix this? I'm really stumped on this one and haven't found much on the net to help. Is it because i bought the TC in the USA and brought it back to South Africa?

Thanks for any advice anyone can give...