I have a Old Aluminium Macbook 13" and i cant connect to a network with WPA2 personal.
My airport doesnt recon auto the network so i tried to create a saved profile with the same SSID.
The network name is somewhat "Cócó, Ranheta e Facada".
I have a 10didgit password and wpa2 personal.

After creating the network i saved and reseted the airport and it doesnt connect anyway.

I have browsed in the internet and some ppl where talking about clearing previous saved networks, It didnt solved the problem.
I have found some posts here about some buged update to the airport from 2007 but prob that has been alredy fixed.
And i couldnt find acurate information for my problem anywhere.
I have then restarted to my windows XP and it recongnised the network auto and i just had to put the password and its running ok as i post here.

I have a SMC wireless router configured for WPA2 personal MAC filtering OFF
SSID Broadcasting "Enabled"
Wireless mode "11b/g Mixed mode"
WiFi channel "Auto"
Entended Range "Enabled"

WPA2 configuraiton
Cipher Suite "TKIP/AES"
Autentication "Pre-shared key"
Pre-shared key type "Passphrase (8~63 characters)"
Pre-shared key "1234567890" exemple
Group Key Re_Keying "per 1800 seconds"

I am starting to lose my head here =(.
Probably its missing something to my eyes, some help would be realy apreciated =). Sorry for the bad english.

Some addicional info. I can connect to a WP2 enterprise network, my university network, without no problems i have just configured the network created the 802.1X user profile and reseted the airport.