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    Connecting to N on dual-band airport extreme
    My MBP automatically connects to the G network when i want it connected to the N. I know it's connecting to the G because when i option-click the airport icon in the menu bar it says I'm connected to channel 11 and i think the 5GHZ channels are above 100. I have an airport extreme dual-band in the wireless mode "802.11n only (5 GHZ - 802.11b/g)". i want to use dual band so i can connect my iphone and for guests that come over that don't have N, but i also want the N for faster networking. I tried an app before called istumbler but i think that only works for wireless G, and won't list the channels for N. i know i can change the name of the N network to be different from the G but i don't want to do that because i have a few airport expresses (some N some G) throughout my house for streaming itunes. I hope my question was clear enough, thanks for any help

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    I believe that your airport extreme will only operate as fast as the slowest device on your network. In other-words if you have any G devices using the network then G is what you will get.

    Now as with anything I could be mistaken , But I am sure I read this some where but I just dont have the time to goggle it.

    Hope this helps

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    So i think that's only the case if the devices are on the same freq, but to my understanding if i keep all of the G devices on the 2.4GHZ channel and the N devices on the 5GHZ channel everything should be running at full speed.

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    If I understand correctly, you have the new Airport Extreme that supports simultaneous dual band. You have the 5Ghz band set for N only and the 2.4 Ghz set for G/B.

    In that case, you should set different SSIDs for the two bands (e.g AirportN, AirportG). In the network preferences on the MBP click the "Advanced..." button. Make sure the preferred order of the wireless networks lists the N network before the G network.

    I have the older Airport Extreme running N only at 5Ghz and a G router setup as an access point. My MBP automatically connects to the N network. My iPhone and original MB use the G network.

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