I am new to this forum.

I just purchased a 1Tb TC and am trying to set it up. I currently have a PC desktop, iMac and a Mac Laptop. My home wireless is a n-network with Dir 655 router. My questions are:
1) Should I use TC as the main router or should I join it to the existing network as a bridge? - currently as the main router I a getting a n-network connection with a 130Mbps speed but with the D-Link I was getting 300Mbps.
2) I have a HP mediasmart server that I want to use for streaming movies and Video so the 300 Mbps connection might be better. Will it work if I have TC as the router?
3) If I use the TC as a bridge - will I be able to use Back to my Mac via a mobile me account? or does it only work if TC is the main router?

Any help is appreciated.