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    Question Time Capsule and BT Home Hub Problem
    Hi all,

    I am trying to find the best solution for wireless internet in my house. Here is the hardware that I have:

    BT Home Hub v1.5
    Time Capsule
    Zoom ADSL Modem

    Currently, my BT Broadband Line plugs straight into the back of my Home Hub, which is connected via Ethernet to my Time Capsule. My Home Hub sends out a wireless g network on which I can access the time capsule.

    However, I want the Time Capsule to act as my router and to send out a wireless n network, but I cannot seem to do this whilst it is connected to my Home Hub. I cannot just plug the broadband line into the back of the Time Capsule, because it is an Ethernet WAN port.

    I think an option may be to connect the broadband line to the Zoom modem (currently disused) and then this to the back of the Time Capsule, but the Zoom modem has not Ethernet port on the back, just one labelled 'phone', another 'line' and a usb port.

    What would be the best solution to get a wirless n network in my house, and what, if any, new hardware should I purchase?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    Hi Oli,
    I've got a similar setup with a BT HomeHub and a Time Capsule. You have to keep the DSL line attached to the HomeHub, but then I turned off the wireless port in the HomeHub, connected the Time Capsule via Ethernet (WAN port) to the HomeHub, and turned on the wireless n network function in the Time Capsule. Don't think you'd need the Zoom or need to buy anything else. If you want to use VOIP then the phone can connect to the HomeHub too.
    In the Time Capsule set the Wireless Mode to 'create a wireless network', set the Radio Mode to what you want (in my case 802.11n (b/g compatible)) and setup your security as you want it. For the Internet Connect I assume you already have that setup to connect using Ethernet and to use DHCP with the Ethernet WAN port set to 'Automatic (Default)'. I have Connection Sharing Off (Bridge Mode) and I use an Airport Express to repeat the wireless network, so I also enable 'allow this network to be extended' .. but you won't need to do that unless you need a repeater to cover a bigger or bad signal area. You can test that you can see the new wireless network before you turn off the old one.
    On the HomeHub (using Firefox as the BT HomeHub doesn't support Safari 3 in the advanced settings) login as admin under advanced and select the Configuration Wireless option and uncheck the box for the wireless 'interface enabled'. Leave the IP address setting so that the HomeHub is the DHCP server.
    You should now be able to see your new n network and no longer see your old b/g network. The HomeHub should allocate your IP addresses using DHCP and your Time Capsule will handle all of the wireless networking.

    Hope that works for you, Sween.
    iMac 24" 3Ghz 4GB Leopard

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