Hope bigger brains than mine can help me out with this ...

1. Streaming radio from iTunes on my iMac this evening, then I go into Safari to surf and I get the 'You Are Not Connected To The Internet' spiel.

2. Odd, as I got this message whilst the audio was still streaming in iTunes.

3. I could/can connect to the internet via my wireless Macbook (which I'm typing this on).

4. Rebooted everything anyway ... checked Security/Network in Pref Pane. Looks fine.

5. Suspect Ethernet problem ... but also no wireless connectivity via Airport (which I know is broadcasting).

6. Disk permissions / reset pram .... nothing.

No Mail, no connectivity whatsoever - not just Safari ...

Any ideas at all greatfully received. Running ITunes 8.2 on 10.5.7.

Many Thanks