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    Transfer large files from Mac to Windows

    I've been searching everywhere for a solution for my problem... I am sorry if I was unable to find it, but I decided to create this post.

    I need to transfer a large (>4GB) .dmg from a mac to a windows.

    I have managed to connect them both via Ethernet and Wireless. I can transfer any other files through the network, both via ethernet or wireless. When I try to copy from the windows side, it gives me an error of “not enough free space”. When I do it from the mac side, it tranfers up to 4GB, and gives the same error.

    The file came compressed as .rar, multiple files, so i transfered all the files (the .rar files) to the pc and tried to extract there... when it's about 4gb extracted, it gives the ntfs error... in the mac it also gave error with The Unarchiver, but then I downloaded some other program and it worked. I tried on the windows WinRar, IZrar and Bitster, no sucess with any.

    I have tried Transmac and it doesn´t read my macbook over network. It finds the archive, mount it, but does not expand it. And you can’t burn it if it is not expanded.

    I have also converted to .iso, and still can´t transfer.

    I have burned it in .iso format though, in a DL disk. I found the archive over the network from the Nero and burned it directly. It runs in Windows nicely, but my macbook doesn’t recognize it. I also tried to use the DVD drive over the network, no success…

    Any ideas?

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    If your Windows machine is using the FAT-32 file system, then file transfer or creation is limited to a file size of approximately 4 GB. It sounds like the error you received is because of that limitation. The work around is to convert your Windows machine to NTFS which does not have that restriction.


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    So, if windows is formatted in NTFS, it should accept a transfer from a mac, even if this file was created in a Mac under FAT32?

    How do I found out my Windows file system?

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    Yep, it's FAT 32... so the only way is to format my PC?

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    Yes, the only way to have any file larger than 4GB in a Windows partition is by using NTFS.

    see cwa's post below - forgot about that as I haven't used FAT32 for anything since XP came out.
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    Just one point of clarification, when you're sharing files over a network, it doesn't matter which file system each workstation is using as the host operating system handles read/write chores. That's why TransMac did nothing for you - the problem is related to your Mac accepting incoming connections, period.

    As far as upgrading a Windows machine from FAT32 to NTFS, that can be done on-the-fly without having to reformat (although you should have a backup any time you do a major filesystem change):

    Open a command prompt and type:

    convert <drive letter> /FS:NTFS
    Make sure you replace <drive letter> with the actual drive letter (example: C: )

    Also, do note that this is a ONE WAY change. Once it's converted, you can't go back without either reformatting or using a utility like Partition Magic.
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    Thanks guys...

    I borrowed a macbook air superdrive and found out: it only works in macbook air.

    I will do that and see if it works...

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