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    Arrow Airport works when other computer sleeps
    Hi guys,

    I have been using an airport express in my house , connected to my ADSL model and i have always been able to use the internet with the wireless on my macbook and with ethernet on the desktop mac at the same time. The other day, both computers were used at the same time, and since my dad was using the internet first, i couldn't use the net. There is an amber orange light blinking on the airport. My macbook finds the airport signal in full but when i open safari, it says no internet connection.

    When my desktop mac is off, the light on the airport turns green and i can happily use the net on my macbook and the other way round, my dad can't use the net on his desktop mac.

    Anyone know any magic tricks to this matter? Can it be something to do with IP?



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    If you are on ADSL then the first unit connected to wall jack should be handing out the DHCP addresess. Set the AE to bridge mode using Airport Utility if on Leopard or Airport Set Up assistant on Tiger. Then go into Sys Prefs on both computers and enter your ISPs DNS numbers in the Network settings - put them into the airport and ethernet selections then u dont have to worry which method you are using to connect. If you are out and about with the MacBook then use automatic for Location while roaming but set up a Location for home with your ISPs settings, use that at home -see Apple menu - and it should run smoothly.

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