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Thread: Problems with Airport Utility upgrade

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    Problems with Airport Utility upgrade
    I have been using an Airport Express for some months to play iTunes on my stereo. The house has a Linksys router. Everything was working perfectly after an easy and trouble free setup until I downloaded the latest upgrade for Airport Utility 5.4.2. When I was installing a message popped up that said there was a problem with the Airport Express firmware and asked to repair it. I clicked ok and since that moment the Airport Express has ceased to function. It shows up in the iTunes but when you try to select it, it deselects and won't work. I have tried all resets recommended and that doesn't work. I tried to do the firmware update but the installer does not recognize the AX as an AX and won't install stating that there is a software problem. What is my next step? Thanks

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    Sounds like your AE firmware might have suffered brain damage. If that's the case, it may be dead. I'm not sure you can flash it with the old firmware or not. Anyway, the best I can suggest is to try the procedure given here in this Apple KB article: Link

    If that doesn't work for you, search using Google to see if anyone has come up with a solution to resetting the firmware or flashing back to the original.


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