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    Questions Regarding Connectivity Issues
    hey all,
    i just purchased my first mac (the recently updated whitebook) after hearing all the great things about it. while i love it for the most part, i have an issue with airport losing connection a few times a day and i need to turn it on and off to recover the connection even though signal strength is at max. after reading all the forum posts regarding this issue, it seems as if its very common. i have some things im confused about and id be grateful if someone could answer them:

    1. this issue seems to date back to as old as 2007. has it really be going on this long and apple has done nothing?

    2. this is a software problem and not a hardware problem right? if so, why does it not affect everybody? i mean, if i exchange my macbook for another one, is there a chance this wont happen? or does it have something to do with my router/location/etc?

    thanks in advance! at first i really thought i could live with it but its getting annoying..i didnt pay a few hundred dollars premium over windows to get stuck with bad connectivity

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    Just to help us better help you, what Router Brand and Model you using? Also what encryption? WEP? WPA? WPA2?

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    im using d-link wbr-2310, wpa

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