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Thread: WRT110 and MBP

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    WRT110 and MBP
    So I had to go out and get a new router last night because after about 7 years our Linksys Wireless router had finally died. Since it had served us very well I continued with the Linksys brand. I ended up buying the WRT110 and hooking it up.

    We have 2 PCs in the house, along with my MBP and iPod Touch. The PCs are connected with an ethernet cable to the router and can get to the internet just fine. However, my MBP can't get to the internet. It IS connected to the router, but Safari (and Firefox) does not pull up a webpage. So I went to my iPod and it connected just fine through Safari. I verified and repaired permissions, restarted numerous times, but nothing.

    I'm thinking about pulling my old PC (computer I used before my MBP) and hooking it up since it has a Linsys wireless PCI card in it. I could also test out my Playstation 3 to see if it can connect and sign in to the Playstation Network.

    To also add, I kept the wireless security information the same. The SSID, encryption, and passphrase is all the same as it was on the old router. I'm thinking about turning off the router's firewall through the settings to see if that would do anything, but I would honestly like to keep it on.

    Can anyone help me?

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    I finally got it working after doing a hard reset on the back of the router and manually configuring the settings.

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