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    Poor reception with 667 TiBook
    Airport performance with my 17" PB seems fine. But the reception with my 15" TiBook really stinks.

    Is this just a limitation with the TiBooks that I'll have to live with? Or is there something I can do to improve reception?

    I've already tried what Apple recommends on their web site, to no avail.

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    do you get better reception in part of your house? have you tried moving the antennae in a way that it isnt bent at all?

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    From what I have read in the past the Alum powerbook get better reception than the Ti powerbook. There was a little trck that you can try that must help. If I remember correctly, remove the battery and in the battery compartment rub the side walls around the battery area. There was an area that the antenna was located.
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    yeah mine really bites also, Im thinking maybe I should put an booster on it or something like that.. I have the exact same model.. I feel for you

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