Hi all. I am attempting to backup my Mac's drive to a backup drive on a WinXP machine. The Mac is running 10.5.7. The Windows machine is running XP SP3. Firewall is off on the Windows machine for purposes of VNC'ing in, and making my life easier. I can see the machine, read from it all the time, and normally have no issues connecting on a read-only basis. However, when I connect to it to write to the drive, I try to "Connect As:" and I put in my windows username and password credentials, however, it seems like it does not even attempt to authenticate, and continues saying "Connected as: Guest" without a looking. I have tried to connect directly to the smb share, as well, via:

smb:username:password@192.168.x.x, and that hasn't helped either.

So... anyone have a possible solution I'm not thinking of? Thank you in advance.