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Thread: Strange Problem

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    Strange Problem
    Ok, so I'm stumped...

    A few nights ago the power went out and that's when it started. We have two macs. One iMac and one MacBook, neither will connect to the internet wirelessly now. The macbook can sometimes see the network and join, but never connects to the internet. The iMac sees the network but says the WEP key is isn't though. Both will connect if they are wired with ethernet. Originally I thought it was the router, so Verizon sent us a new luck. Verizon says it's an Apple problem and Apple says it's a Verizon problem. I've checked the settings in the router and all looks good...computers seem good...I'm stuck.

    iMac running 10.5 all updates done
    MacBook running 10.4 all updates done.

    Internet is Verizon Fios with a modem/router combo.

    Any help would be great Thanks

    Any gurus who think they have an idea feel free to call or e-mail if it works better than a forum.

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    It's very bad idea to post personal info, especially your telephone number.

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    To Sir_Ryan:

    Not surprising that Verizon was of no help. I've only found one Verizon tech in the past two years who knew anything at all about Mac computers or OS X.

    Some suggestions: (I'm also on FIOS here in Fort Worth.) Reset the router. I'm not sure which router Verizon issued you - maybe an Actiontec. Anyway, use the reset button to get the router back to factory default. Hook your iMac up using the ethernet cable and go through all the router settings again.

    Pay special attention to the DNS settings - (if you know them, sometimes Verizon generates DNS automatically) Make sure the router is generating an IP address (DHCP). These are probably OK since you're able to connect via ethernet.

    Now turn on the wireless mode in the router but do not setup security yet. Make sure the router is broadcasting its ID (your network name) and that you have a channel to use.

    On your iMac: Go into the Airport settings. Check on - DHCP (turn on), DNS settings match (if used). Network name appears. If all is OK, you should be able to connect via wireless. Once you get a wireless signal to work on both of your machines, go back into the router and setup security. However, do not use WEP as it is not secure. WEP also has a problem with passwords. Use WPA or higher.

    Let us know.


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