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    May 27, 2009
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    Using Nokia N95 as modem on Mac.

    I want to be a able to put my N95`s bluetooth on and then go onto the internet with my mac through the Nokia.
    So I went far and wide doing allot of searching for drivers "since Mac doesnt support the N95" so I have found some drivers from this website Ross Barkman's Home Page

    The problem is if I install it as the instructions say then I get a screen where I have to type in some settings accept I cant type in anything.Its all grayed out.Ive attached a pic just give you a better understanding of what im talking about.

    Please help me cause I have had such problems in the past with this Mac.
    The Mac right next to me 17inch Pro seems t be able to let me edit he text.
    Both of them running Leopard.But even if im able to type in the settings it still seems unable to even look like its doing and effort to connect.

    Please help and thanks!
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    May 27, 2009
    15 inch Pro
    Im also not getting his these options though!I only get the Above one!

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