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    Wireless Bridging Tiger to Leopard; Wimax Internet Connection; Internet Sharing
    Just wanted to make the title as sexy (sic) as possible.

    Anyway, I have in the past shared my Ethernet connection (AT&T Wimax), via AirPort from my iMac (Tiger, 10.4.11) to my MacBook (Leopard, 10.5.6) as well as from the reverse configuration (i.e. still sharing ethernet connection via airport, only from MB to iMac). For some reason, I can no longer get this to work. Both computers connect fine when connected to the modem via cable, but not wirelessly via Internet Sharing. There is no router involved (whether there should be, is another thread, I suppose). I have tried and tried to make this work to no avail. The AirPort icon in the menu bar of the--ostensively--wirelessly connected computer (i.e. the one being bridged to) shows full strength, but bowsers won't load and Mail spins its wheels. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I've gone through what I think are all the reasonably applicable configurations regarding password setup, channel, etc. to no avail.

    Can anyone please enlighten me a bit? I've read the FAQs and this doesn't seem to fit into what's addressed. I've searched these forums and other Mac forums to no avail, though I hasten to add, I'm only human and may have missed something. If you know of a thread or site that covers this specific problem, please point me along. Many thanks!!

    Oh yah, might deleting some airport plist files then rebooting help? Hurt? Fell free to tell me this is a naïve question.
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    I had a friend that had done what your doing and ended up pulling his hair trying to figure out what was going on with his computers. Turns out his ISP didn't like the fact he was Piggy Backing the computers and some how blocked it. I'm guessing but it may be that both computers would be using the same subnet address on the IP. Let us know what you find out.


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    good idea. this was something i'd ruled out, because at&t told me they didn't care about the bridging thing--i can see why they'd care, but what's the work around for the honest consumer (the real 'sic')?

    i'll look into it and post if i make any movement on this problem. thanks for the tip!

    EDIT: Actually, it just occurred to me that this would apply to anyone using a wireless router too, which are de rigueur. Perhaps I'm not considering this clearly??
    17" 1.83 GHz Intel DuoCore 10.4.11

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