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    Wireless Setup for Linksys WRT54G
    I've had a desktop PC directly connected to an AT&T modem, with a linksys wireless router for my Mac powerbook for about 3 years. About 2 weeks ago, I lost my ability to connect to my Mac wirelessly. Linksys wont help unless I pay for support because my router was bought so long ago. (Plus, from what I've read online, it doesn't seem like paying Linksys would be much help.)

    I'd really appreciate if anyone could tell me the settings that my Mac should be on to get this thing working off of my airport card. I like to think that I have some knowledge about networking, but I am the first to admit, I am clueless when it comes to Mac. I'd appreciate any advice you can offer on getting this powerbook up and running wirelessly again!

    I've read a lot of tutorials, but for some reason the IP they share times out and I never get to the username/password box that it all seems to start with.

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    try connecting your powerbook to the router with an ethernet cable and update the firmware of the router. this is what i had to do when i got my new blackbook with the verizon router we have here.

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    Thanks. I gave it a try with no luck. Since my router was so old, I went ahead and got a Netgear last night. Still having a little trouble connecting, but I'm hoping to give it some more attention tonight. I'm trying to connect it to my PC desktop directly so I can use the Mac wirelessly, but now I'm having trouble getting it to find my IP address. What a mess!

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    does this mean that the wireless network does not show up at all on your mac.

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