Hey all,
I'm in dire need of some help with my wireless setup. A little background: I've got two imac's, a power book, two iphones an xbox360, a wii and a time capsule. I'm in NYC on time warner cable (my only option), and their modem/wireless router will only allow five (although it often seems like four) device online at once. This meant constant rebooting / no connectivity, hardly ideal. I've just moved and before they set up our wireless, I'd like to figure out a way around this. I'm under the impression that there is a way to use the time capsule as the router as opposed to just taking up one of the routers five available IP addresses. Is this true? I've also been told that if I use the time capsule as the router (all I use it for now is a shared music drive and a networked printer), it will give out as many IP addresses as there are devices connected to it. Furthermore, I've heard thet there are problems connecting the xbox360 to it. Is this true? Will it work if I set it up as 802.11g compatible? Any advice would help, because I'm completely out of my element here. Thanks.