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    Connecting Computers - Please Help
    Mods, read through this and, if needed, can you move this to the right subforum? Sorry.

    Okay, so my dilemma is that I always use files from my home computer at work. I use a mac at home and a windows server at work. The server is, just to clarify and confirm my definition of "server", each coworker has a different account on the network. The network spreads across the building. The room I work in has its own server, with a bunch of monitors connected to one main PC, every monitor doing something else (different user on each monitor). So, I always want to take my files into work, but because we use a server, i don't like using a usb stick. How can I read/write files that are on my home mac from work? for free? I was thinking FTP, but I dont fully understand how it works, or how to setup a free server on my mac.

    Long story short, give me a way to basically get inside my mac (access any of my files) via a pc or mac connected to the internet, and not just my home network, and it would be better if it was password-protected and, preferably (but not absolutely necessary), free.

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    Look here and there is another for Back to My Mac - for $10 that may give you the answers you need.

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    not quite what i had in mind, and I don't really wanna buy a book i will only use once. thank you for the suggestion, but can anybody just tell me what to do?

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