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    Wireless issue with Mac and Xbox 360
    This is kind of odd. We have a Linksys router that has the following devices pulling a wireless signal from it:
    2 iPhone 3g's
    2 xbox 360's
    2 macbook pros

    I cannot be on Xbox Live and my MBP at the same time. My boyfriend's MBP has no problems whatsoever. It's only mine. And connection via the computer is fine; it causes my Live connection (and his) to be EXTREMELY laggy.

    I ran into a lag issue about a year ago and thus encrypted my network, which solved the problem. Now it's laggy again, but I repeat, only when MY MBP is online, never his. I've googled this issue, but I can't find anything relating to it at all. Any idea what would be causing this?
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    You can limit how much power the router sends to each computer. Yours must have the most power going to it and his has less, so you might not notice enough differences when he is on but you might because you computer uses more.

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