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Thread: Time capsule backup and simultanous storage

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    Time capsule backup and simultanous storage
    Hi everyone,
    Ill try and keep this as brief and concise as possible.

    I currently have a new mac mini with a 120GB internal hard drive and a FW800 320GB Lacie external drive used currently as a movie storage and as a time machine backup.

    I am soon going to be filling this drive to serve pretty much as a media drive and move my backup to another drive...preferably a time capsule.

    My question is, if i were to buy a time capsule could i backup my mac mini internal drive to it and all my movies on the mac mini attached external lacie using the time machine dialogue box?

    If i wanted to could i chose to manually backup the movies and automaticaly backup my mini hard drive?

    Finally is a time capsule the best way to do it or is there a better NAS box alternitive?

    Any help would be great, thanks everyone

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    Time Machine does not require it's own partition as many other backup options require.

    You can backup multiple Mac's to a single Time Capsule and also move any other data to the same partition.

    I have TM backups of 2 Macs along with a 3rd copy of my iTunes and movie libraries on a single partition TC drive.

    Whether that's the best way or not - ???

    I also maintain a bootable backup for my machine.
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    I would be interested to see comments on this also. My Lacie is 13 months old and yesterday the icon would not appear on the imac and the Lacie was making a squealing noise. I might be having to go another route on backups.

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