Hello Everyone,
I have been farting around with Chicken of the VNC and trying to log into my machine from a remote network. I have a Comcast SMC modem and have login info for it. It connects directly to my Belkin Wireless N router F5D8236-4v1. I have forwarded port 5900 on my comcast modem to the ip address on my router (10.1.10.XX). In my router, under Firewall/Virtual Servers, I have forwarded inbound port 5900 to the local ip address of my mac mini server. In theory, i would think that if you dialed in my public ip address, you would be prompted for the login info for he mac mini server. Is this the case? Any help would be GREAT!!!

I also have a wireless network camera on the network that works well with the whole port forwarding thing and being able to access it on a remote network via a web browser....so would thing that process would be similar....

Next thing will be to log into the mac mini to copy files from it to a remote mac network.... Any suggestions on that would be great also!