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    white list / whitelist - how to setup?
    I do not own MAC but would like to know:

    - If MAC OS supports multiple use accounts with admin and non-admin privileges.

    - If there is a way to setup a white list for some of the users on a machine?
    It would be a list of URLs allowed to be accessed by children. Adult accounts would not use the white list. How complicated is it to set it up?

    Thank you!

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    The answer is yes to both of your questions.
    For the second question, you'll be happy to know that there are lots of fine parental controls over applications (which applications the user can use), bad (?) words in dictionary, websites the user can access, limits on mail and chat (to whom the user can talk), as well as limits on time (how long the user can use the system during daytime, weekends and bedtime) --- and all these can easily be accessed from the system preferences. An admin account holder can control all these settings of a non-admin (standard) account .
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