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    How do i set up my macbook and G5 over ethernet
    Hi,i'm fairly new to all this so ill try and keep it short.

    I have a macbook pro and a g5 both have Logic Pro installed,i know this is i
    simple issue but i want to connect them via ethernet so i can use one as node in logic.

    In the Logic manual they make it sound so simple but it still wont work no matter what i try.

    A friend of mine said i have to set up a network connection between both computers,i thought the ethernet cable would take care of this.

    Can anyone help as its driving me mad.


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    More info needed - are you on Cable/DSL/Dial Up and will both computers be on line and what is between the keyboard you used to write this and the internet in terms of electronics. Giving all the network choices without this info would mean writing a whole book

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