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    broken airport wire
    When opening my mini a while back, I broke the wire running from the airport card to the antennea because it's just too short to begin with. Tried twisting and electrical taping some extra length into it and now it just doesn't work well at all. Before I desolder the wire and resolder it, is there any certain gage or resistance wire that needs to be used? I could just get an N unit but they're too ****ed expensive and with all the upgrading I've done recently I may just as well have bought a new mini with the 9400gm in it.

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    Try to stay close to the same gauge wire that's used for the antenna. More important is a continuous connection from the airport card rather than a soldered wire piece to extend its length.

    Keep in mind that antennas are cut to length in order to provide the best reception. If you extend the wire, (either one) you can actually reduce the reception of the signal.

    And lastly, make sure you orientate it exactly the way it was before.


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