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    Setting up Mac/PC
    Hello, All.

    I've always been a (forced) windows user. I HATE windows, lol. Mac's are too rich for my blood, though. However, I am currently in college for graphic design and we all got 13" MacBooks.
    Now, My desktop has 2 hard drives, one 320gig and one 640gig. The 320 has Vista and Linux installed, and the 640 is partitioned with Windows 7 Beta on one partition and the rest I use for storage.

    To the point, since Ive been working on the desktop I have all my adobe brushes and PSD's and stuff on it. I have to keep logging in, putting it on a flash drive, and carrying it over to the macbook.
    I want to set something up so that I can remotely connect to my desktop through the macbook and just drag the files over that way to save the trouble of always logging in when I need something.
    The desktop is all wired, no bluetooth/wireless in it at al, but the macbook is wireless.
    Does anyone know how I could set each computer up to do this? Programs? Anything, lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pyromaniacv3 View Post
    I want to set something up so that I can remotely connect to my desktop
    what do you call remotely ? Do you need to acccess your PC from the internet ? or from a local network ?

    In the 1st case, I'd set up a FTP server on your PC.

    In the 2nd, just enable file sharing on your PC.


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    If the PC is connected to the internet setup a dropbox account (free) and have your brushes etc use a folder that's watched by dropbox. This automatically syncs online. Do the same with your macbook and that will sync too.

    Any changes you make on either machine are synced with the other.

    No FTP setup, no need for your PC to be running all the time.

    And you can access your files at another PC/mac if required

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    Tex: I actually was looking to set tem up via local network. If you know how to do that, please let me know. I have file sharing enabling on my PC, but no idea how to get it from my mac.

    Mrplow: Thank you, I'll give that a try!

    Edit: MrPlow, that's nice'n all. But I'm looking for a way to where I don't have to drop the files into the folder. It does save from needing a flash drive, but I still have to login everytime I need something, lol.

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