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    I'm in an area where cable, DSL and satellite are not feasible. A friend has a Verizon wireless broadband card in his laptop, and has confirmed I have signal at the cabin.

    I need to know if this is possible, and what to look out for:
    - I want to use a Verizon broadband card in my Titanium Powerbook (Mac OS X v.10.3.8) as an Internet gateway for the rest of my home network.

    - I want to access the Internet with that Powerbook
    - And have two other desktop Macs and one Dell laptop get their access through the wireless router.

    So, I'm used to taking a cable Internet connection through a modem and feeding it to my wireless router, with the desktops connected by ethernet, but will the router and hub work in reverse? If so, can I do it without the Powerbook being hard wired to the router?

    Resulting signal path: 1.) From Internet to broadband card in Powerbook, 2.) to wireless router, 3.) through RJ-45 ports on router out to other computers.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    As an option, I could put the broadband card in the Dell laptop and hard wire it to the router. But I don't know if Windows XP Pro SP2 can share an Internet connection. Anybody ever done this?

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    You wont be able to use your configuration because your mac doesn't have a network switch to connect to the router but just google 3g routers and you will find the solution you need

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    If you go here and get a copy of SCO 165 it shows one option for sharing

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