I just moved and went through hoops to get ATT to actually help me set up the dsl. When I asked them for help setting up the Airport for wireless, he snickered and said his job was to set me up w/ DSL and I should call apple for support w/ the AirPort.


I come to the fountain of knowledge that resides here for some guidance.

I have the ATT email/login but that doesn't work when I use it to add another connection in the airport menu.

I configured it with Verizon where I used to live and I remember I had to access the modem online and enter my wireless login and WEP. I have tried poking around the ATT/Motorola site ( but cannot figure out how this works.

I want my computer on the other side of the room from the internet connection so I need wireless. Can anyone advise me how to set this up?

Thanks a ton.