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Thread: wireless internet is keep disconnecting

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    wireless internet is keep disconnecting
    I've bought new macbook 2.0ghz about 2days ago, and when I connect my wireless router with airport, internet works fine for about 30 minutes and it stops responding even thought airport says the wireless is connected. (it starts responding when I turn airport off and on again) I am pretty sure that there is no problem with my router because it works fine for other computers at my house (I'm the only mac user). Does anyone know how to solve this problem??????????

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    My friend actually has the same problem. He uses a Macbook (the white one) and has Airport express base instead of a traditional router. But his internet keeps dropping off everytime. He has to switch the Airport on his Mac off and then back on again to reconnect it. But the actual internet connection is fine, because his iPod touch works without any drop outs.

    Any ideas, anybody? And sorry about cutting in to your thread, 'msa124'. I hope you don't mind, because its the same problem.

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    This may be a firmware issue on the router. Often times Linksys, D-Link etc, require a firmware upgrade to perform well with AirPort.

    Check the manufacturer web site for upgrades and give it another try.

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    How about adding your ISPs DNS numbers to your Network settings in Sys Prefs - see if that helps. Is there a difference between operation on Ethernet as opposed to Wireless? You can add DNS numbers for both selections. Another area to help with trouble shooting is rather than using Location Automatic, set up a Location = Home with all the pertinent data and switch to Automatic when travelling.

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