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Thread: tcp/udp monitor

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    tcp/udp monitor
    is there a way i can monitor the ip addresses of all tcp/udp connections to my mac? i've found a few options but windows but nothing for mac.

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    Little Snitch here certainly keeps an eye on outgoing, not sure if it will do what u want tho

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    Apr 07, 2008
    I'm also looking for such a utility. On widows, I used to use TCPView for Windows

    Little Snitch is a firewall which will say which process is trying to connect but it will also bloc/allow and so on.

    All I'd like to have is a GUI list of existing connections with the processes which are involved in those connections.

    In a command line I'd use netstat or lsof but I want GUI


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    Quick search turned up this page. Looks like there might be a few utilities that do what you want:

    Free Network Monitoring software download for mac os x

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