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    External antenna option for a macbook
    hello, this is my first ever post so please bear with me! I have a white macbook purchased august last year (one of the last before the nice new aluminum ones!!)
    We are cruising around south east asia on our steel boat, currently in a marina for the wet season that has free wifi. I can get great strength when sitting outside the boat but once inside (out of the rain!!) I get nothing at all. Other boats use a engenius external ariel (they all have pc's) but understand that wont work on a macbook. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can use as an external ariel so i can keep my macbook nice and dry and still use it? or maybe an alternative mac option?
    Many thanks

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    You may need to go with an external WiFi adapter to use an external adapter. Have a look at this site, as they have a number of different options.
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    Thank you! I had actually found that site but was a little perplexed by all the options. Will investigate further. I was hoping there was a product like the base station that I could just sit in the cockpit, and then link to that wirelessly from inside the boat, but looks like I will have to get a little more technical on it all!!! Once again many thanks.

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