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    DSL inside vmware, while rest of mac Cable Internet? Possible?
    I'm running Windows XP inside VMware on my Tiger OS X mac pro. I'm using Cable (Ethernet 1) and DSL (Ethernet 2 or USB).

    I'm trying to set it up in a way that the internet on the mac will come from the Cable, and the VMWARE (Win XP) will come from DSL.

    From what I understand on mac I can only have primary and secondary internet sources, if the primary works it will supply internet to ALL the applications. So when VMware is getting the internet it's the Cable, and I don't see how to switch it to the secondary source.

    My other choice is to connect the DSL to USB and have VMware directly see it, but in order to do that I must disable the Network Adapter so it doesn't catch setting from the internet on the Mac (Cable).

    If you have any idea what I'm talking about, please help me

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    Perhaps the first question should be why not run it all from Cable - what advantage do you expect to get if you get it up and running in the way you list.
    My brother runs his 3 Macs, including one with VMWare and XP all of 1 ADSL connection and that works OK

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