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    Wireless fine on MacBook but not on iMac
    I have a MacBook & a new iMac. The MacBook's wireless works perfectly at my house - always a high signal, lightning fast, no problems whatsoever.

    But, my iMac won't stay connected! I had this same problem at my office with another router, so I know it's not a router problem. Laptop was fine, iMac not so much.

    The network is showing up in the network preferences, and it does connect, but the signal is really weak (one or two bars compared with full signal on my MacBook).

    Not sure if this is where the problem lies, but when I click on the wireless icon on my MacBook, it says "Airport: On". On my iMac, I click the icon and it says "Airport: Scanning...". I have no clue why it's doing this and it's starting to get REALLY frustrating! Can anyone help???

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    An iMac G5 is an older computer. It's not new. Are you talking about a new Intel iMac or an older G5 iMac? Very different machines. A G5 is a Power PC CPU and will not run any X86 OS.

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    Sorry - it's a new iMac - 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

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    Think i would be taking it back while it is under warranty, my 2.2 MBP has same indications as 2.4 iMac when on LAN

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