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    Connecting 2 computers for one cable service
    Is there any way I can connect 2 computers to one cable service - I have Time Warner Roadrunner high-speed 38mbps - cannot do Wifi - would a long ethernet cord work and how would you set that up? - or can I use 2 modems? - I ultimately want to switch between using 2 computer so my roomate can use my cable service on his computer - thanks

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    The simplest, easiest way would be to just get a wired (as opposed to wireless) router. That would connect to the modem and give you four ports to connect other computers to.

    Alternatively, you may be able to set up some kind of Internet sharing scheme, but one of the machines would need two network cards - and also, the primary machine would need to be turned on at all times. It's not the most reliable way to do it, but could be done in a pinch.
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    Is there a frequency issue preventing you from having wireless, or is there just an issue of restricting access? If you're just concerned about having a wireless "footprint", you can enable WPA encryption and hide the SSID on your router.

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    when i replaced my router, i had to shut off the modem for a couple of minutes, plug in the router and reboot the modem. The modem seems to "lock on" to the first address it sees and when you change equipment is gets confused. One time i had to call my internet provider and they rebooted it from their end. This may be a local problem to my area only but thought you might need to know. (Verizon FIOS is my provider). You can go 100 meters with Cat 5, and i think a bit farther with cat 6 wire. Some may have more exact distances.

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