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    I am thinking about backup options. I find my 320 HDD at 5400 on my computer kind of slow. But I am not really looking to change it right now, maybe when cheaper and bigger SSD options are available.

    So I was thinking should I get a 1TB Time Capsule or get something else out there? One of those options that they have at the Apple Store.. WD or something similar.

    I understand the Time Capsule is a Extreme Airport and a HDD in one. How is it better than other brands other than the all in one and looks? Do they connect better?

    What do I need to connect a HDD to my MBP ? A wireless modem/router will that work?

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    i recall reading a comment in a MacWorld mag saying that when i comes to Wireless the best path is using apple gear. Many routers do wireless but with Brand X also comes other set up & config issues. So my recommendation - if u are comfortable getting into Admin pages of routers & changing setting etc go for a popular brand - if you want to go for ease of set up then do it with Time Capsule as it will provide wireless connection to its internal HD and a printer if needed. But be advised that Time Machine backups are not bootable as such but you can boot up off supplied OS disk and copy back to a new HD if that becomes necessary.

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