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    Q. about networking 2 iMacs
    This is a bit of a fiddly problem - or so it seems to be, what knows nothing.

    We have 1 iMac downstairs. We are probably going to buy another one to have upstairs in our bedroom. Our kids use the iMac a lot, and so does my wife, and both the kids and my wife go online a lot.

    I have 2 queries:

    1. We would like to somehow network the 2 iMacs so that they can both see each other's files. We don't want to use wireless however. Having had a quick look on Google, could we use a 'crossover ethernet cable'? However, even if that would work, I'm not sure it'd work for us, because the iMac seems to only have 1 ethernet port on the back. If one of the iMacs is connected to a router via this port, then we couldn't connect it to another iMac via a crossover ethernet cable could we?

    2. The iMac we have now uses a BT Voyager 210 ADSL Router. It has an Ethernet port at the back, which connects to the iMac. The phone line also connects up to this Router. There is a USB socket in the back of the router. Could we just connect the other iMac to this router via a long USB cable, and allow the 2 iMacs to share the same internet connection?

    Thanks - apologies for any glaring errors in my questions.

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    For a start forget cross over ethernet stuff - that is PC speak and the Macs ports are auto sensing so you can use either. In terms of linking the 2 iMacs together you best choice is to get an airport express run both wirelessly off that and use iChat Screen Share or VNC or whatever is needed to do what you want on the network. If you have a need to have one iMac wired then get an Airport Extreme instead of the Express and run the second unit wirelessly. That way you can have one printer to serve both imacs as well. Seems to me any other path you follow is going to cause headaches that the most clued up Mac users can probably deal with, with effort but if you are thinking cross over ethernet then the airports are the quickest least dramatic options.

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