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    wireless airport connected but internet does not
    i use macbook pro and my problem is of having the wireless airport connected with full bars but when i open my safari, it loads for a long time and finally the page turns up with 'internet not connected'. this has been going on for more than a year now. not only can i not connect with the current server me and my flatmates are using but also internet cafe services and my friend's services etc. however, my flatmates can connect to our wireless perfectly and they all use macbook, not pro, the white smaller ones.
    when i first got my macbook pro in summer 2007 i was able to connect to my home wireless with the help of my dad, we had some troubles with starting up the wireless but somehow he managed to get it up. when i moved to student hall and start using cable broadband instead of wireless i just turned the airport off. it wasnt until when i went back home in december that i realize my airport is having the current problem. and it is still not solved.
    i did network diagnostic and it says my wireless is connected. i cant connect to my msn messenger and safari, i can connect to skype however, odd, this also happened at my friend's house but only once i connected to skype.
    i searched the internet and it seems a lot of people with macbook pro have this problem but none are solved.


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    What OS? - assuming you are on Leopard - go into Sys Prefs/Network then select Airport in Left Hand pane and make sure there is a check mark on "Show Airport Status in Menu bar. When visible in Menu bar you should be able to click on it to see the Network you wish to join.

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    MacBook Pro Airport, 10.5.8 - network-yes/internet-no
    Wondering if you found any resolution to your problem. I just bought a used MacBook Pro 2.4 15" and I am having the exact problem you described. I had a MBP before with the same wireless router and set-up and it had no problems and none of our PCs have any problems with the network at ALL so I don't want people tellin me to contact my provider, or that my modem is fried, or that I need to reboot router, etc. It is the same where ever the computer is, right? it doe sthe same thing with the wireless network at work and at the local coffeeshop. It says your connected, you log on, it accepst the password, etc. but then nothing in Safari! Help!

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    I have pretty much the same problem after I upgraded to SL a couple of days ago. Airport is up and running, I have all bars but Safari will not connect to the internet. The Airport is working because I can use Mail to connect wireless to my work Exchange Server and all is good. I tried a few different sites and they didn't work however I could get to and download files from there. I can connect via hard wire and all is good, it's just I can not get out to the internet wirelessly. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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