Hey there,

So I have an external drive with all my music networked through my TimeCapsule. My iTunes music folder is set to the music folder on my drive, and all my music plays through iTunes fine. However, the issue is finding the music on the drive. While the drive is connected to the network, I cant find many of the artists. I'm missing all of my artist's starting with A, and lots of B, and a whole lot of other ones. If I connect the drive right to my Mac (Macbook Pro), everything is there. It is only when it is networked that it only shows a small amount of music in finder. I can navigate in terminal to some artists, but i have to go right to the artists. I tried "ls -al" in my Music folder, for it to show me a list of files there, but it only showed the same ones that I can see in finder. If I actually navigate to a specific folder, then i can see that the files are there. When I look at a track in iTunes, and Cmd+I, it shows me the path, and it is on the drive. So I have figured out the all the music is still on the drive, however i just cannot find it through the finder. While in iTunes, I tried "Show in Finder" on a track, and the finder window opens, however it only goes to the networked drive it self, not where the track is, thus being no help at all. I have considered copying all the music off, then back onto it... but thats over 60 gigs of music, and way too much of a hassle.

Thanks, Chris