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    Broken network card:(

    i live in university halls with no wireless connection and have found out that the newtwork input for my Mac g4 audio visual is broken.

    when i plug in a wire it says that there is nothing plugged in but when i use a wire into somebody elses laptop it woks fine. the system settings are all right.

    however i cant simply change the network card becuase it is a part of the motherboard!

    is there any way i can get some sort of external USB or firewire network adapter or something? or even get an internal one to work on my mac?

    many thanks


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    Yes, you can buy a USB network adapter for your G4. Try this Link.

    Note: The above is wireless only. I could not find a straight USB network adapter that was not wireless. You can always use this adapter with a wireless router, however. Which I suggest you do anyway.


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    PPC G4 Digital Audio,466 MHz, 768 SDRAM
    hi, i found a USB to ethernet wire adapter, they sell them in most good electrical stores to any future readers, for around £20

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