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    full reception - still disconnecting
    i am running on an imac which has the airport feature already inside. this problem has not always been around and im not too sure whether its airports problem or my service provider.

    what is happening is that even though my airport shows full reception or full bars... my internet connection seems to disconnect regularly. for example, i log into msn and 2 - 5 minutes later (sometimes shorter or way longer) it will disconnect itself... however i do not need to reconnect the internet as the bars stay full. same goes for when im visiting websites - regularly they will just cease to continue loading, or will cause a download to stop.

    i was thinking maybe it could be another source interfering with the connection but thats just a guess.

    my service provider is fairly unknown i think (bewireless/becom)
    im running on a 512/128 Kbit/s connection.
    and is obviously wireless.
    there are 2 other pc's in the house, 1 which has the modem connected to it.

    please help!

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    Your connection is rather slow by today's standards but it should be steady never the less. Interference can result from cordless phones or other wireless networks in close proximity to yours - like from a close neighbor. The way around that is to choose another channel for wireless broadcast.

    Another issue could be security. What type of security are you using for the wireless? WEP which seems to be most popular, is also very insecure and unstable. If you're using WEP, I suggest using WPA or WPA2 instead.


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