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    Total Newbie Needs Help
    Hello all. I am going to be purchasing a powerbook in the next few days.
    I am getting the PB 12-Inch 1.33GHz and will be installing an extra 1GB of ram (from 4allmemory - $ that good?....they offer a lifetime warranty on it).

    I definitely want to get airport express so this is my question:

    Right now I have two PCs connected through a wired netgear router and have cable through comcast.

    I want to connect to the Internet with the two PCs (wired) and also with the PB (wireless). Do I simply just plug the aiport express into the netgear router and then I am good to go, or am I showing my newbie colors and appearing to be a complete idiot?

    Any information would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You are going to want to only have one device on your network acting as a router. Since you already have a router, you will probably just want to use your Airport Express as a wireless access point, turn off all its routing functions. I have never actually used an Airport Express so I don't know how to do that exactly, but I am sure it is possible.

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