Ok, Shared the USB Brother DCP 7020 printer on my PC. Driver for the printer is installed on both my PC and my MacBook (can print without problem when connected to printer via USB cable with Mac or PC). Installed Bonjour on my PC, though I agree with others that this seems to only be useful to help a PC find a printer on a Mac, not vice versa. Went to printer/fax setup on the Mac. Went to add printer. Can find the printer on my network, via IP or standard browser. I select it, the specify brand, driver, done. Printer shows up as added. Now I try to print. Best I get is "Printing page 1...24%," then get messages like "NT_ACCESS_DENIED" or "Unable to connect to SAMBA host" or some other geek talk. If i try to select utility, I get the message "Failed to connect to device." I am connected to my network, as I can easily listen to my music that is on a USB drive on my PC through iTunes on my Mac, and can transfer files back and forth to it. Please help!