Hi I have G5 (4 years old) with a built in airport card, with a 't' ariel out of the back. It has never worked unless my wireless router is within a couple of feet of it with it's ariel pointing directly at it. So i have always run a wire connecting the computer to the router.

We moved our office about a year ago and I can no longer run a wire, as it goes down the middle of the hall. So I purchased a D-Link DWL-G122 dongle, turned the airport off and used that instead and everything has been working great.

Until this weekend when I finally took the plunge and updated our OS to Tiger and I can no longer get the D-Link to work. All of the D-Links wireless prefernces are set-up correctly, as is the built-in ethernet connection prefernces.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Or could someone tell me something else I could purchase to connect to the G5, that will give me a wireless connection to my Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Gateway.

Many thanks!