I have a problem with connecting to my wireless network from my new Mac Mini and a friend with MacBook Pro has the same problem.

I have to wireless networks at home, one from the wireless provider and an extension created with the Time Capsule.

Have 4 MacBook that can connect to the network, my iPhone can connect to the network. Doesn't seem to have any problem with the networks.

Last week bought the Mac Mini and it was connecting fine to the provider wireless network until it made the Apple Software Updates and without any apparent reason just stopped connecting.

I have a friend with MacBook Pro and happens the same thing, he can't connect to any of the networks at my place.

I receive the Connection Timed Out" problem when trying to connect to the provider network modem. When trying to connect to TC it just says "Connection error".

All the passwords are correct, all the setup is the same as in all other computers that are connecting. Don't understand what is happening.

Would really appreciate if someone could give me some lights on how to solve this problem.
Especially because I have my CRM database on this computer and really need to connect to it.

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards