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    Unhappy Another wireless not working issue...
    So I have a strange one. I have a 17" 2.5 year old Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.4.11. About 1 month ago my wireless stopped working, nothing in the house changed, my wife has a Dell Laptop with Win XP and no issues. Not only does it not work, but when I look for it, it says there is no airport hardware installed. So I have to plug in at home, I am stuck in my office.
    Did I mention that my sound stopped working also, if i hit one of the volume buttons the image that pops up on the screen shows the white image of the speaker with the level indicator and a white circle with a line through it under the indicator.
    Oh, one other strange thing at home, I cannot play video's any more, if I go to youtube and choose anything, it will play about 2 seconds then stop.

    It was/is driving me nuts! So, it is still under warranty, I took it in, it worked just fine in the store. I took it home thinking it was just something odd. It did not work when I got home! I took it back and they kept it for a week, they replaced the airport card, logic board and cables. It worked just fine in the store, got home, nothin! I can take it to a local coffee shop and life is good, just not at home.
    I think we got some new neighbors around the time it stopped working, has anyone heard of wireless n interfering with old wireless g systems? I have an old linksys router.
    Or, does anyone have any thoughts as to what might have happened, what can I do?

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    Is your router a G and N type router? Does the Dell attach via N? It could be the G networking that has stopped working. Can you attach using the Dell and see what connection method it works with.
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