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    internet connection problems
    Hi all, am new to MAC and have had a problem with internet connection and would appreciate a bit of help!

    My problems is this: I have set up a wireless connection and until very recently I've had no problems. Now I receive an internet connection error and am told that my MAC can't connect to my network. I use the help option and after a few mins it all works again...

    My 'windows' (sorry but the wife still uses 'windows') laptop connects 100% and I want to prove that MAC is best!

    Anyone else have an issue connecting to the internet via wireless using MAC OS X V10.5.6?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    My iMac will not automatically select and run with my network unless the router is switched on and fully functional prior to the Mac being switched on. Otherwise I have to enter the Airport function and select my Network once the router is wound up. It's a little different to Windows, only a minor niggle.

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    This is an issue I've been experiencing recently after waking the iMac from sleep. It seems odd as really the settings don't need anything doing to them, if I click on the little wifi symbol on the top comms bar it shows my router is actually connected but safari says not. So I click on another for two seconds, reselect my own and hey presto back up again in seconds.
    It's a mystery but I think that the mac is sensitive to interruptions in the ISP connection, these may not necessarily happen whilst the mac is online but still require a little fiddling with after the event. I've only concluded this by turning my router off when then iMac was put to sleep and once back up again turning on the iMac.

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    The iMac's had a recent Lion update to fix reconnecting to WiFi networks after sleep, have you applied this fix?

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