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    I want a new router
    I have a really old router here, and I get very very slow download speeds. Also I can't use port forwarding with this router, which will also consideraby speed things up. So I want to get a new router.

    The way I see it, to not get a wireless router at this point would be stupid. So I'm looking at the Airport router and the Linksys routers.

    1. Will using a wireless router slow down my downloading speeds? I want wireless but if I won't be able to download at any reasonable speeds, I'll reconsider.

    2. My roomate has a PC and he doesn't have a wireless card. If I get the Airport router, I won't be able connect his computer to the router through a wire will I? Is there anything I can do other than buying a wireless card for his computer?

    3. I don't really have a third question I don't think, but if anyone here has any expereinces, good or bad, with any wireless routers and wants to share them, please feel free.


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    1. no slow downs
    2. yea, you can connect his pc via an ethernet cable.
    3. I recommend a 3rd party router, the airport base station is overpriced, many linksys and other routers do more for half the cost. plus linksys has a router with a speed booster thatll increase your speed if thats important.

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    I highly recommend Linksys Wireless-G 4 port router with Speedbooster.
    For better range, you can upgrade the Linksys router's antennas.

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    I'm all about Cisco products and have loved Linksys since its inception. With that being said, go for the Linksys, you've got the best of both world IMHO <smile>

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