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    I've got a problem, and basically it concerns sharing an internet connection. I am not even sure if what i'm trying can be done.

    I'll try and explain:
    I have got an iBook(G4) connecting to the internet with a Linksys WUSB54GC G Adapter, (shows up in Network as Ethernet Adaptor(en2) ). I share a neighbour's wireless connection. Now, i have two other computers, a Dell laptop and a MacMini which i want to share the internet connection with. (they cannot recieve the signal, the iBook is upstairs)

    And, i also have a ADSL wireless-g router (Aztech).

    Now, i was wondering if i could do something like this: to connect the iBook with the 'net connection(through Linksys adapter) via ethernet cable to the Aztech router, and connect to the wireless network of the router(and to the internet) with the other 2 computers?

    I hope someone can help..

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    what you described is not likely to work, the ADSL router is designed to communicate with the provider, not an iBook

    but your problem can be solved very easily, if you get a Wireless Repeater .. this basically catches the signal from a network and broadcasts it further on, this way all your computers would be able to get the network without any problems ... the Repeater won't even be too expensive

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