Don't mind the tittle, I just wanted to be able to go back and check on the thread faster.
I've had a wireless network for over a year using a 802.11b Linksys wireless router and multiport.Its been working flawlessly.
I have a DSL modem conected to the router, and the router hardwired to a desktop pc. I have two pc based laptops that connect wirelessly to the network. Everything has been beautiful. I just bought an iBook for my son and when I tried to connect wirelessly to my network, it wouldn't work. Called Apple CS and they told me that the airport card in the iBook would only work with 40 or 128 encryption. So I went to the router setup page using the desktop pc and changed the encryption to 128. Still no connection between the iBook and the network. Spent almost an hour with Apple CS and still nothing. He finally sugested to take the ibook back to the store I bought it from and have the genius to take a look at it. I went back to the Apple store this morning and one the reps there(looked like he was 16yo) turned the ibook on and inmediately got conected to the store network. He asked me about my house network and said my problem was that the airport cards that come in the latest apple portables work on 802.11g and were not compatibles with earlier version(802.11b) which is what i have in the house. He then suggested to me to get an airport express and that i would be just fine which I did and everything is fine now. But the idea of 11g not working 11b kept bothering me. I called back to Apple CS after getting home from the store and another rep said he could not believe that person made such a statement. That it was a mistake, and that I should not have any problem connecting the ibook to the network running 11b. Now im pissed though I can go back and return the airport express losing the 10% of course since its already open. But that is not the problem, problem is that though the ibook recognizes the existence of my house network through the ibook's airport utility, still there is not connection between them.
Any help on what the problem might be?